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Who Would They Look Up To


Howard Salmon, recording artist and songwriter was born in Richmond, CA on December 25, 1958 and grew up in Silverton, OR.   Howard describes himself as a shy boy growing up, he never enjoyed speaking in front of people or getting on stage…but willingly tells of his wonderful childhood upbringing filled with many happy memories.  He tells about his mom who always sang to him as a child…impressioning Howard with her love for music..


While Howard was serving in the Air Force 1980-1984,  he joined the church choir.   Deborah Martin who played guitar with A/F church choir encouraged Howard to pursue his musical talent, so   he learned to play a guitar.  Later, Howard’s musical talent led him to become a song writer.  His first song, "Who Would They Look Up To”, was written in 1992.   Howard says, the words came to him in approximately 30 minutes.  



In 2006 while driving a truck, Howard wrote a song called "Soldiers And Truckers”.   While listening to XM Radio during "The Bill Mack show”,  Howard heard a young lady sing; her name is, Carissa Amberly..   Howard  contacted Carissa about the song “Soldiers And Truckers”,  and she expressed interest in recording that song.   In August of 2008 Howard went with Carissa  to Garland Texas to record two songs.  They each recorded "Soldiers And Truckers” followed with a duet called "Wishy Washy Woman”.  Shortly after recording these songs, Bill Mack debued "Soldiers And Truckers" for the first time.  



 Another show on XM Radio called,  The Dave Nemo Show,  with Marcia Campbell, D.J. on Saturday mornings.   On this show Howard met Ron Terry In 2007.  Soon after, they decided to record an album together.  The first album named "These Trucks Are Made of Gold" the song written by Al Orkins Jr. was the lead song on the album.  Other



songs on the album are:  "These Trucks Are Made of Gold" (Written by Al Orkins Jr);  "Put Your Arms Around Me" (Written by Howard Salmon);   "I Am The Flag", (Written by Ron Terry);  "Give Me Fair Warning" (Writtenby Al Orkins Jr);  "Ain't Gonna' Do It Again" (Written by Ron Terry/Howard Salmon); "Wishy Washy Woman" (Written by Howard Salmon/Duet with Carissa Amberly);  "No Need To Run Away" (Written by Howard Salmon/Bill Harris);  "Who Would They Look Up Too" (Written by Howard Salmon/With Anderson Heights Elementary Kids);  "Hold On Tight" (Written by Howard Salmon)….for Taylor Penrose ( A  singer in Melbourne Australia); "Its Just…. I Love You" (Written by Howard Salmon);  "Thanks To The Soldiers" (Written and performed by Ron Terry); "Soldiers And Truckers" (Written by Howard Salmon/Duet with Allana Russell).


After the album was completed the first 600 copies went to troops overseas with the help of ( OOIDA ) Owner Operator Independent Association.



 Bruce Hodges on WBRF., also had a copy of the album, “Soldiers And Truckers"    When Bruce played the song "Who Would They Look Up To"….he received so many requests to play the song again….3 times in one show.   It suddenly became a hit! 


Howard says, he was compelled to write “Who Would They Look Up To”  for the love of kids.   He took this song to the kids of Anderson Heights Elementary School in California.  During this time he was a "Trucker Buddy" and mentor for the kids.  Though this song has copy writes,  Howard says,  "it belongs to the kids".  With that being said….he is dedicating and giving this song to the kids.   Howard plans to travel to schools to sing and record this song with the kids.  Any school is welcome to contact Howard in regards to this event.



When Howard is asked what is his goal  for this song, he explains, "I want to plant a seed in each kid leaving them with a positive lifetime impression that they will always remember and pass on to their children.”  Howard hopes this song will eventually reach every child, parent, teacher, parents to be and also people who do not have children giving them a message they will always keep in the forefront of their mind .



We encourage you to download this song for FREE.     If you wish to make a donation, make it to the school of your choice.  ALL the proceeds will go to the “kids" of the school you have designated.   We encourage you to share this with all of your friends, family and schools.   Thank you!


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 Howard Salmon  Sings this song, sounds simple, after you listen to it a second and third time it sticks in you mind, once it does you begin to realize this song sends a strong message every Parent=Young and Old needs to take Seriously!. As we look into the innocent eyes of the kids we have been Blessed to have in our lives we need to take the time to listen carefully and CREAT A TRUSTING BOND EVERY KID DESERVES!!!


The words of this song cast a positive light on our responsibility as parents that i, for one, took for granted until i listened over and over to it.. The message is unmistakable and cannot be ignored if we expect our kids to be = RESPONSIBLE = RESPECTED = PRODUCTIVE = CITIZENS WE CAN ALL BE PROUD TO SAY ==I MADE A DIFFERENCE IN THAT PERSONS LIFE!! 













I wrote the song "who they look up to" because I've seen too many kids being pushed aside.


with the stress of everyday life people don't realize what they are doing.


I hope this song will put the kids at the front of their mind



I wrote this song in the early 1990's. I was tired of seeing too many kids being ignored. I sat down and wrote it in less than 30min. It just seemed to flow. 

 Now I see too many people with too much stress worried about jobs and other daily chores they just seem to forget about the kids. 

 I hope that people would listen to this and put the kids first.

 I recorded this song about 2006 with kids from Anderson Heights Elementary School in Anderson,  California.

 we set up a field trip for the kids to go see a public radio station and see first hand how to record a song. 

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